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Across the Wall
Garth Nix
Paperback | Aug 2006
in store $5.00

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Across the Puddingstone Dam
Melissa Wiley
Paperback | May 2004
in store $0.95

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Elaine Turgeon
Jan 2016
in store $19.95

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5 Histoires D'explorateurs Incomparables
Camille Bouchard
Jan 2017
in store $18.95

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1-800 Enfants Pas Contents
Dominique De Loppinot
Jan 2016
in store $9.95

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Docteur L'indienne Le
Guy Booshay
Jan 2017
in store $11.95

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House of Dreams Picnic
Bring your blanket and join
Liz Rosenberg and illustrator Julie Morstad
for a picnic celebrating their book 
House of Dreams:
The Life of L.M. Montgomery.
Sunday, Oct. 14th  2pm

Raspberry cordial and Anne’s Liniment Cake will be served.
 All are welcome. Free to attend